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Our Story

For many years our family used essential oils for the health benefits that they provide.  We started investigating the use of natural products and the harmful chemicals in most commercial products sold today.  As we transitioned into using more natural products in every day life, we couldn’t go back. We found that most natural products, although a healthier alternative to most beauty products, have similar “earthy” scents and average results.  


We began making natural products and studying natural oils and compounds that different areas and cultures use daily.  We found that the correct blend of natural ingredients result in products that rival any of the highest priced spa products.  Since that time, we have searched tirelessly to find quality natural ingredients that make our products provide a spa experience while maintaining a healthy alternative to chemical based products.  Nature’s Bliss products use ingredients from farms, tropical islands, and mountain ranges.  Some of our products have fragrance and some are scented purely with essential oils to provide additional health benefits.  


All of our bottles are made to be recycled. Our soap is packaged in recycled boxes. Our soap labels are all made from recycled materials and we recycle and reuse all of our packing peanuts and boxes.


Our company is located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains and the natural world surrounds us.  We thank you for visiting us at and hope you live healthy and tread lightly.